Spike Lee celebrates as Carmelo Anthony amazes the Madison Square Garden.

Spike Lee celebrates as Carmelo Anthony amazes the Madison Square Garden.

My money is on Michigan tonight.
- Best player in the country.
- Underdog factor.
- 20-year Anniversary of Fab Five
Book it.

My money is on Michigan tonight.

- Best player in the country.

- Underdog factor.

- 20-year Anniversary of Fab Five

Book it.

John Wall Shuts Up High School Kid in 1-On-1 Game!

USA Basketball: Team USA Superlatives

With Team USA eyeing gold (which they will win) and ready to be rockstars in London, people wonder what the team roles everyone will have. Hmmm. Well, let’s take it back to high school and hand out team superlatives. Who’s the MVP? Benchwarmer? Most liked? Biggest attraction? Let’s debate.

Most Popular - Kobe Bryant, G

He was the king of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and I don’t expect anything to change. Yes, LeBron is the reigning MVP and just won his first NBA title, but Kobe’s international appeal and more long term success still hold him down as king of popularity. Be prepared for the paparazzi!

Mr. Congeniality - Kevin Love, C/F

Kevin Love is a budding star in the NBA and has the personality to match. One of the youngest on the team played AUU basketball against Durant and Griffin, went to college with Westbrook and is well respected by his mentors like Bryant. If he doesn’t lead the team in rebounds, he will definitely win most liked. 

Most Likely to Improve - Russell Westbrook, G

Russell Westbrook is already one of the Top 5 best point guards in the league but still has ample room to grow. Now surrounded by a boat load of superstars and All-Stars, Westbrook will be forced to pass the ball and drive-and-dish more often. He gets Chris Paul and Deron Williams as a teacher for summer school. Higher learning.

Most Likely to Become an International Superstar - Kevin Durant, F

This is a no brainer. The three-time scoring champion is next in line to take the torch of the Nike brand and possibly the crown as the NBA’s king. If Westbrook is the Most Improved player, Durant will be Most Improved star. Congrats Seattle Oklahoma City!

Most Likely to be Best Bench Player - Carmelo Anthony, F

Carmelo Anthony is possibly the best inside-out scorer in the NBA today. Granted, he is a volume shooter and can play hero ball at times, but Melo is a phenomenal player. I can picture him being the 2008 Dwyane Wade of this year’s Olympic team. Watch out world.

Most Likely to Get Lost on the Bench - Andre Iguodala, G/F & James Harden, G (tie)

Hey someone has to ride the pine right? I love Iggy’s defense abilities and athleticism. I love Harden’s 3-point shooting, driving ability and beard. However, its not enough minutes to go around, fellas. Take pictures and be ready at all times.

Most Likely to Make It To YouTube Glory - Blake Griffin, F

This of course is a no brainer. He’s the NBA’s newest and biggest attraction right now. He wants to show the world why. His dunks (Mozgov, Kendrick and Pau) have well over five million YouTube views and he’s looking to add more. Be careful world, Blake is prepared to do what Vince did in 2000.

Most Likely to Get Into a Fight - Chris Paul, G

There’s no doubt that when it comes to leaders of this team, CP3 is one and will do anything it takes to win. Including a little bit of jawing and a few nudges here and there. Paul says he hates losing more than enjoys winning. Don’t be surprised if Paul lands a blow or two against a Spaniard if he gets ticked off.

Mr. Overlooked - Tyson Chandler, C

Tyson will be the backbone of this team. He will have to face the Gasol brothers of Spain, which most likely in the Gold Medal game, and that will be a handful. Chandler is remarkable at guarding the post and not getting in foul trouble. Let’s hope his success continues and his work doesn’t get unappreciated.

Mr. Hey, Remember Me - Deron Williams, G

Sad part about this team is that people are forgetting about Deron Williams. He’s been trapped on the woeful Nets for the past two years and hasn’t played a meaningful game since 2010. Yikes. Still, Williams is one of the best offensive point guards in the game and look for him to strike often and quickly off the bench for Team USA. 

MVP - LeBron James, F

Who else? He just won his third MVP, first NBA title and Finals MVP. Yep, it’s his time. He’s the alpha dog. He will log the most minutes. He will be the fire under this team’s ass if, and when, games are close down the stretch. King James shall reign supreme. More trophies to ask to the case.

I expect nothing but gold from this bunch. Yes there will be games when they are close or possibly losing. Yes there will be a close game against Spain. Yes, they might lose a game. However, gold is the standard and that’s what they are bringing home. Book it.

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10 Reactions To Deron Williams Re-Signing With Nets


Hey, Deron just broke news that he will be re-signing with the Brooklyn Nets, instead of his hometown Dallas Mavericks.

Here’s how 10 people might react to the news.

1. Jay-Z - “Hell yea! We got our guy back to join forces with Joe Johnson and might actually make a playoff push. I won’t have to rap lyrics like "Ya’ll don’t know that don’t sh*t phase me/The Nets could go 0-82 and I look at you like this sh*t gravy." Watch the throne!"

2. Dwight Howard - “He signed what? For what? Why? He doesn’t want me to stop making me look like a baby? He doesn’t want to win a championship! Selfish!”

3. Mikhail Prokhorov - “Hahaha. Now this way I don’t have to pay him under the table anymore.”

4. LeBron James - “Thank you Deron! Woooo! That was close. You guys would’ve had a better team and could’ve potentially dominated us. Get that money D-Will and prepare for a 2nd Rd exit in the playoffs!”

5. Deron’s wife - “Mo’ money! Mo’ money! Mo’ money!”

6. Joe Johnson - “Cool. Now we won’t lose 60 games and there’s a guy making as much money as me and is a better player. Finally out of the spotlight.”

7. Kris Humphries - “Please don’t trade me, Hov! Tell Kim and Kanye, I’m sorry!”

8. Kevin Garnett - “Wait. Y’all seen Ray Allen?”


10. David Stern - “Interesting.”


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John Wall Skies Over Marc Gasol

JaVale McGee Posterizes Tobias Harris

Five Things to Watch For: Second Half of Wizards Season

The first half of the NBA season is over and the Washington Wizards currently stand 7-26. With the second worst record in the league (Thank you MJ and the Bobcats), I believe there are a few things to watch for in the rest of this rebuilding year for the Wizards. 

1. Chase For Top-3 Draft Pick

There’s no doubt that if the Wizards continue at this pace (which is more than likely to happen) we will be a lock for a top 3 draft pick. I highly doubt that David Stern the lottery will be won by us again since we just won it in 2010. However, it is a deep draft, so if we can manage to stay top 5, it will still be great for the franchise. With Anthony Davis from Kentucky as a lock for #1, I like Thomas Robinson from Kansas to improve Washington’s frontline. 

2. Trading Andray Blatche

Blatche is having a terrible year. His numbers have dropped (Going from last year’s 16.3 PPG, 8.2 RPG to 10.3 PPG, 7.1 RPG), missing 16 games due to injury, becoming the king of boo’s in the Verizon Center and hosting a ridiculous number of parties in the DC area. With that being said, the Wizards front office have been having trouble shopping him around. Hopefully, another GM can find promise in Blatche and acquire him. The trading deadline is March 15.

3. Rashad Lewis’ Amnesty Countdown Ticker

Lewis is averaging 7.8 PPG with 3.9 RPG and earning the second-highest league salary with $22M. Yes, you read that correctly - Twenty-two million dollars. Amazing, right? Nonetheless, I’d appreciate if Ted Leonsis put up a ticker in the Verizon Center to let us know when the Wizards will exactly amnesty Lewis’ ridiculous contract. Rashard Lewis will make $23,790,000 in 2012-2013. 

4. Development of Younger Players

Blatche is injured and partying his DC nights away. Lewis doesn’t give a shit about the Wizards. Give the young core a shot, Wittman. Jan, Booker, Crawford and Singleton should all be playing 15 minutes a game. Mack should even get more minutes and possibly trying John Wall at the 2-guard. 

5. Lowered Ticket Pricing

This might be my favorite thing to watch for. With the Wizards loss column soon to increase, expect the ticket prices to decrease. Thanks to great sites like StubHub.com, you will be able to find Wizards tickets at bargain-basement prices.

Let’s go Wizards!

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